Teaching Philosophy

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Why I teach
I teach because it matters. Sharing knowledge, theory, lived experience and individual perspective leads us to stretch our minds and see the world in new ways. I am inspired by students who strive to move beyond their comfort zone and apply what they have learned to an action plan for the future.

How I teach
I teach and train face-to-face and online for both small and large groups. I am proficient with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Sakai and other learning management systems (LMS) for education, various online group forums (i.e., Google Hangout, QualBoard and Qualvu), social media and the use of webinars and digital storytelling to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Experiential learning and action learning are high priorities in my courses. I expect students to demonstrate how what they learn might impact their future.

The disciplines I teach
I have worked across three main disciplines over the past 25 years – culture, business and communication – and am equipped to teach courses in the following areas: public relations, marketing/market research, advertising, communication, business skills, writing, anthropology and international/intercultural studies. This year I am teaching Strategic PR Communication, Strategic Communication Research and PR Campaigns at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, one of the top journalism schools in the nation. I also teach Intercultural Communication and Public Relations at Northwest Christian University’s department of Speech and Communication. 

How I measure and improve my effectiveness 

I measure my effectiveness as an instructor through student feedback, supervisory or collegial input and self-reflection. I also continually work on professional development as an instructor by routinely watching or listening to recordings of my work, attending international education conferences, participating in expert webinars and building my tech proficiency. Curriculum development is a rewarding process; engaging and improving curriculum over time helps me to grow into a more effective and purpose-driven instructor.

Diversity & intercultural perspective

I believe that all students should be encouraged to recognize their own cultural assumptions, biases and beliefs. This critical and life-long process of recognition helps them to deepen their understanding of, compassion for and appreciation toward others as they learn to function as adults in a multicultural society and an ever-changing global world. The barriers of racism, sexism, class discrimination and other prejudices must be broken down for appropriate teaching and learning to take place.

Global instructional experience

My teaching experience thus far has been in PR, qualitative market research, business skills. strategic writing and visual communications, ethnography, intercultural communication and ESL.  I have taught and trained on-site in Japan, Indonesia, Russia, England, Canada and the United States. I have conducted virtual group discussions (in real time or asynchronous) across 5 continents and have worked with many students from around the world.


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