Marketing & Communications Research

I will work with you to develop marketing and communications research that breaks down the barriers between you and your consumers/customers and puts them at the center of your brand story. As a classically-trained ethnographer and strategic communicator, I bring a unique perspective to the process of consumer understanding, leveraging unique questioning techniques and keen cultural awareness to dig deeper and provide multiple perspectives. Using this approach your business will glean more in-depth knowledge and actionable learnings.

For over 10 years I have woven market research and strategy for Fortune 500 clients into my global career portfolio. I was employed by the Insight Works New York (2 years), Ipsos North America (7 years) and currently continue my work as an independent consultant (3 years). Most of my experience is within the industries of consumer packaged goods, tourism, technology and media. Much of my research worked to develop or fine-tune concepts, messaging, packaging, advertising strategy and/or branding.

Some interesting market research that I have designed and conducted for media and technology includes:

  • Messaging Content for Online Insurance & Mortgage
  • Knowledge Management for High Net Worth Investors
  • Channel Receptivity via Online Media and Technologies
  • Digital Media Usage by Various Generations of Moms
  • Web Content & Usability for Investment Decision-Making
  • Assessment of Graduate Student Needs for a University Library System
  • Faculty & Student Response to Piloting a New Learning Management System

I enjoy tackling business questions in higher education and the non-profit realm as well. In fact, I have contributed to market research projects for a university-based cancer institute, a state-sponsored smoking cessation program, a university library system and an English (ESL) institute. These projects generally have a stronger PR orientation to them.

The qualitative research methodologies that I use often incorporate technology and graphic facilitation or visual storytelling. I have extensive experience with both traditional and non-traditional methods including:

  • Focus Groups & Virtual Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews (1×1’s, diad, triad, quads)
  • Ethnography, Self-Ethnography & Digital Ethnography
  • Global Immersions
  • Ideation & Brainstorming Sessions
  • Graphic Facilitation Sessions
  • Concept Development, Writing and Testing Workshops
  • Shop-Alongs or In-Store Immersions
  • Usability Testing
  • Consumer Panels
  • Asynchronous Chat Sessions, Online Journaling and Video Journaling

I believe in the power of story (or a press release, or a concept, or an ad…) to bring ideas to life and influence behavior and decision-making. Creating discussion guides and questionnaires that: 1) explore your key product concerns with consumers/customers, and 2) dig deeper into what motivates them, is critical to building your unique brand story.

Contact me with your business questions and I will customize a research plan for you:


Market Research Signs




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