Beyond the New Order: Decentralization’s Effect on Communities in Indonesia
2002, Asian Social Issues Program, The Asia Society, New York
Co-authored Conference Report with Dr. Shyama Venkateswar & Allen Thayer
One of the biggest institutional challenges that faced Indonesia in the post- Suharto, post-New Order era is the issue of decentralization of the state (or regional autonomy as the process is more commonly known in Indonesia). This report draws from presentations made at the symposium, “Beyond the New Order: Decentralization’s Effect on Communities in Indonesia,” held on 17 June 2002, at the Asia Society – New York. The symposium, co-sponsored by the Asia Society and the Open Society Institute, brought together speakers and a participatory audience of international and indigenous academics, activists, NGO practitioners, journalists and policy-makers. Participants explored the socio-cultural nexus of conflict, communities and government throughout the Indonesian archipelago, and discussed the constructive ways in which the international community might be involved. The Indonesia symposium was the third event in a series entitled “Communities in Conflict” organized by the Asia Society’s Asian Social Issues Program (ASIP). The first two events in the symposium explored relevant issues on strengthening civil society, conflict resolution and democratic participation in Sri Lanka (2000) and Afghanistan (2001).

The Sulu-Sulawesi Seas
2001, Bookmark, Inc. and WWF Phillipines
Co-authored chapter with Dr. Lida Pet Soede and Romeo B. Trono
All photography by Jurgen Freund
The Sulu Sulawesi Seas rank among the most diverse and valuable habitats on earth. This book is a celebration of the beauty and biodiversity of this marine ecoregion. It is a breathtaking chronicle in images and words of the different habitats and cultures that exists here today, the formidable threats to the area’s continuing existence, and the responsibility which man must acknowledge in order to preserve this primeval cradle of evolution.




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