Wendy Ames-Dionísio

In the role of consultant, teacher or trainer, I will help you become a more prepared and informed global citizen. Together we break down barriers, bust borders and take on the world!

The critical need for a world savvy education is clear. The future success of our younger generation hinges on this premise. Educators, here and now, bear the burden.

Businesses too are increasingly aware that cultural awareness training is a must-have (rather than a nice-to-have) if they are to communicate successfully with a multicultural work force and compete in an ever-changing global economy.

I have spent much of my career pushing and crossing boundaries between the disciplines of cultural anthropology, business (particularly marketing and market research) and communication. Praxis in these dynamic and varied fields has led me to one central place – a firm belief that every professional who strives to be a successful and modern global citizen (be it teacher, researcher, journalist, politician or businessperson) must continually work to hone his or her intercultural intelligence and communication competence.

My life and work is informed by a multicultural family (immediate and extended), a global education (undergraduate and graduate) and a deep respect for the value of diversity-driven culturally intelligent curriculum.

Let’s work together to break down barriers and cultivate global citizenship through learning!

Contact me at:  ames.dionisio@gmail.com


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